401 Fox Chapel Road   -   Pittsburgh, PA 15238   -   Non-Emergencies: 412-963-1100
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Executive Officers:

President - Bob Hoffman
Vice-Pres - Brian Zimmerman
Secretary - Hardie Burgan
Treasurer - Tom Pohl

Line Officers:

C-1 Dee Humes
C-2 Brian Zimmerman
C-3 Zach Friday
C-4 Tom Pohl
C-5 Hardie Burgan
L-1 Eric Barnfather
L-2 Jim DiVittorio
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Fox Chapel Fire Department:
401 Fox Chapel Road
Fox Chapel, PA 15238

Non-Emergency Calls:
(412) 963-1100

Fox Chapel VFD Department History:

Fox Chapel Volunteer Fire Department circa 1991

Fox Chapel Volunteer Fire Department was originally started by the Fox Chapel Authority, but was disbanded at the end of World War II. At that time, Senator William Flynn, who owned nearby Beechwood Farms, purchased two Army Surplus fire trucks. One of which was kept at the Borough building and one that was designated to Beechwood Farms. Paul Boyle, the farm's foreman, trained the other workers on how to use the truck.

Fox Chapel Volunteer Fire Department circa 1979.

In August of 1953, a group of men including Hap Humes, Joe Becker, and Bob Fay met at the American Legion in Aspinwall with plans to charter a new volunteer fire company for the Fox Chapel area. They each attended Allegheny County's fire school and were educated further by the Guyasuta Fire Department.

They were fortunate enough to have a large amount of volunteers, but equipment was scarce. For instance, they were not radio dispatched. The local water plant was responsible for taking all fire emergency calls and contacting Beechwood Farms with the appropriate information. Those on duty were responsible for sounding the fire alarm by manually flipping the switch at the base of the siren pole. In wasn't until 1958 that they started using radios on the county wide dispatch service.

The following is a history of departmental vehicles owned and operated by the FCVFD over the years.

The first truck was a 1939 Diamond T Pumper that was bought from the Fox Chapel Authority. In 1947 they bought a 4-wheel drive Army surplus fire truck still packed in shipping grease and a 2-wheel drive Chevy Pumper.

Those were followed by 1955 and 1958 Mack B-85 750GPM Pumpers. In 1955, they erected a building for department trucks at Station #1, and in 1960 they built one for Truck #2 across from Beechwood Farms.

1958 Mack B-85 750GPM Pumper

In 1960 they also bought an International Mini-pumper and sent the Diamond T Pumper to Kennywood where it went on display. In 1975 and 1978 they purchased Mack CF Pumpers, and in 1982 they bought a Pierce Mini-Pumper to replace the International Mini-Pumper.

Fox Chapel VFD Station 2

The newest departmental trucks are the two Seagrave Pumpers, a Marion-built Heavy Rescue and a Marion-built Light Pumper. The 1955 Mack Pumper cost $18,000, and the latest Seagrave Pumper purchased in 1998 cost $210,000.

Dee Humes

Assistant Chief:
Brian Zimmerman

Assistant Chief:
Zach Friday

Fireman of the Year

2015 John Badeer
2014 Tom Pohl
2013 Jim DiVittorio
2012 Tom Ruppel
2011 Mike Pohl
2010 Barry Friday
2009 Jim Turner
2008 Zach Friday
2007 Dave Schaffner
2006 Brian Zimmerman
2005 Woody Turner
2004 Hardie Burgan
2003 Ernie Zimmerman
2002 Dr. Carey Vinson
2001 Bobby Weill
2000 Dr. John Goodworth
1999 Bob Kirkpatrick
1998 Arnie Kriss
1997 David R. Weill, III
1996 Tom Eichenlaub
1995 Dee Humes
1994 Geoff Friday
1993 Carl Eichenlaub, Jr.
1992 Tony Zbilut
1991 Ed Sipe
1990 Dr. John Goodworth
1989 Bob Hoffman
1988 Bill Ludwig
1987 Hap Humes