401 Fox Chapel Road   -   Pittsburgh, PA 15238   -   Non-Emergencies: 412-963-1100
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Executive Officers:

President - Bob Hoffman
Vice-Pres - Brian Zimmerman
Secretary - Hardie Burgan
Treasurer - Tom Pohl

Line Officers:

C-1 Dee Humes
C-2 Brian Zimmerman
C-3 Zach Friday
C-4 Tom Pohl
C-5 Hardie Burgan
L-1 Eric Barnfather
L-2 Jim DiVittorio
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Fox Chapel Fire Department:
401 Fox Chapel Road
Fox Chapel, PA 15238

Non-Emergency Calls:
(412) 963-1100
Fire Safety Tips:
  • Each level of the house should have a smoke alarm. Test the batteries monthly and change them twice a year, preferable when time changes for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street so that emergency services can see it easily.
  • Try to have two or more exits from every room. Windows should open easily.
  • Have a fire escape ladder in a two-story house.
  • Do not store gas, propane or other flammable liquids in dwellings, including attached garages.
  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly.
  • Keep fire extinguishers and chimney flares handy and know how to use them.
  • Have a fire escape plan and stage drills to practice it. Have a designated meeting place when you get outside of the house so that you can account for everyone. This keeps firemen or others from needlessly entering a structure to look for victims who aren't in any danger.
  • Sleep with bedroom doors closed to help keep smoke and fire from spreading.
  • If a smoke alarm goes off, roll out of bed and stay close to the floor.
  • Crawl to the door and see if it is warm to the touch. If it is warm escape through a window.
  • If your clothing catches fire, DO NOT RUN! Stop, drop and roll! Cover your face with your hands. Use a blanket or a heavy coat to smother fire on another person's clothes.
  • Once outside, stay outside! Do not go back inside for anything, including pets. They usually find their own way out.
  • Make sure your children are familiar with fire safety and their escape routes in the event of an emergency.

Fire Facts - The Winter Months:
Source: United States Fire Administration

  • 37% of all house fires happen between November and February
  • On average, residential fires take an average of 1,000 lives in the months of December and January
  • An estimated $80 million in property loss will result from shoddy holiday decorations from December 24th through the 26th.

Dee Humes

Assistant Chief:
Brian Zimmerman

Assistant Chief:
Zach Friday

Fireman of the Year

2015 John Badeer
2014 Tom Pohl
2013 Jim DiVittorio
2012 Tom Ruppel
2011 Mike Pohl
2010 Barry Friday
2009 Jim Turner
2008 Zach Friday
2007 Dave Schaffner
2006 Brian Zimmerman
2005 Woody Turner
2004 Hardie Burgan
2003 Ernie Zimmerman
2002 Dr. Carey Vinson
2001 Bobby Weill
2000 Dr. John Goodworth
1999 Bob Kirkpatrick
1998 Arnie Kriss
1997 David R. Weill, III
1996 Tom Eichenlaub
1995 Dee Humes
1994 Geoff Friday
1993 Carl Eichenlaub, Jr.
1992 Tony Zbilut
1991 Ed Sipe
1990 Dr. John Goodworth
1989 Bob Hoffman
1988 Bill Ludwig
1987 Hap Humes